Hay Day

Create and Rule Your Own Hay Day World

Hay DayAre you looking for that game that will keep your glued to your smartphone? Well, Hay Day is the game for you. This farming game may come off as a little bit silly at first but the moment your play it you will never put your phone down again.

It is an amazing game packed with tons of action to keep you busy. The game has been developed by Supercell, the same app developer that gave you the Clash of Clans game.

Hay Day was released for Apple products in 2012 and for Android products later in 2013. The game has spawned a stellar $30 million for the Supercell, together with Clash of Clans game. This game is so awesome that it was among 2013’s top revenue generating games.

What Is So Amazing About Hay Day?

The plot is everything in a game and in Hay Day, the plot is not disappointing in any way. The game player is known as Greg, his uncle owns a farm. The responsibility of caring for the farm is left to Greg as his uncle is unable to take care of the farm. The game player starts out by being taught how to harvest wheat. For humor purposes, the teacher in this case is a scarecrow.

Coins and experience points (XP) are the reward the player gets. The coins are used to purchase production building and items for decoration. The experience points are used to take the player to the next level. You can use a Hay Day hack to get some resources for free.

This score (XP) resets automatically to zero each time the player gets to a new level. It is possible to get the coins and XP by selling goods. These sales can be done through truck deliveries, roadside shops and shipping orders.

Multiplayer Functions and Communities

An update to the game made it possible for farmers to cooperate with each other. It is possible to add communities in the game and thus members are able to help each other out with the items and materials that are needed. There is therefore a chat function that makes it possible for community members to talk to each other and offer support in completing orders.

The playing area was expanded to involve restoring a rundown town. The town was once a hotspot for everyone; active and lively for everyone. The goal is to restore it to its former glory.

The town is just like the farm with multiple attractions and outlets available to serve guests including grocery stores, diners and cinemas. There is also a spa available to the game player. However, these venues become available as the player’s town status improves.

Experience points are everything in this game. The coins are equally important as they enable the player to make their purchases and do other things. Farmers own a fishing area plus there is the town that contains a personal train. This train can be employed to travel to nearby communities with an aim of picking up visitors whose needs have not been satisfied.

Age of Players

Hay Day is a game that tests creativity. There are no limits to what you can do in your farm or town. You are free to be as creative as you want. It is therefore a game that can be played by just about any person regardless of their age.

Clash of Clans

5 Good Reasons Why Clash Of Clans Is Worth Playing

Clash of ClansSince its release in August of 2012, the video game Clash of Clans has taken the online gaming industry by storm. The game now carries the distinction of being one of the most popular games today. This is not at all surprising given the quality of the game and how immersive and addictive it can be.

There’s a reason why it stands among the most downloaded games in both the App Store and Google Play. Most people can also have access to the game as it’s available on iOS and Android platforms.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Clash of Clans

1) It’s a free game so you don’t have to pay anything to play it unless you decide to play for some of the in-game premiums. The game is the perfect example of what’s being referred to in the gaming industry as a freemium. It’s provided free of charge but money is sometimes required if you want to get additional features or if you want access to other perks.

In Clash of Clans, there are a lot of virtual goods which you can only get if you pay up. However, you have the choice to pay up or not. As was stated above, the game is free. You only pay for certain premium items, or you can use a Clash of Clans gems hack.

2) It’s an online multiplayer game which means there’s a huge community around with which you can interact. This is one of the biggest reasons why the game is very successful. It was able to build a massive community of players from all over the globe. With that said, as a player, you won’t feel like you are playing in an empty universe. In fact there are dozens of sites and forums online that exclusively cater to topics relating to Clash of Clans.

3) The game also has single-player campaigns if multiplayer encounters aren’t your thing. The creators and developers of the game were smart enough to include a single player option for players who don’t like the MMO setup. This means you can still play the game alone. This can come very handy if you want to practice playing the game first before you step into a game wherein you will have to compete against real players.

4) It’s very interactive. On the surface, Clash of Clans looks too simplistic but once you get into the game and interact with a lot of other players, it can be very addictive. There are so many things that you can do in the game. You get to build communities, train armies, pillage villages by other players, and earn gold or elixir in the process.

5) It’s a strategy game so your success in it will be dependent a lot on how you plan out your attacks. In many ways, the game is in itself a brain exercise. Like an army general, you need to come up with plans and strategies wherein you will be having the upper hand against your enemies.

Clash of Clans Is A Game Worth Your Time

In conclusion, Clash of Clans is highly recommended for people who like MMO games that involve planning, making strategies, reward setups, and player collaborations. It’s an immersive game that will have you playing for hours at a time.

Castle Clash

Castle Clash Game: A Detailed Review

Castle Clash is a perfect combination of combat and strategy game that has been developed by IGG. This is the most addictive game that is played by the digital gamers worldwide.

The basic concept is that you need to hire legions of heroes and lead the army of mythical creatures so that you can become the ultimate warlord. It is a fast paced strategy game where thrill and excitement lie at every level.

Castle Clash

Concept of Castle Clash

The basic concept of Castle Clash is that you have to build and upgrade your impenetrable fortress and create your own army with the variety of troops. You will face the most realistic and thrilling battles in this game that you have never experienced before.

The most interesting part of the game is that you can tap, swipe and tilt so that you can cast the most powerful spells. You can also take a test of your heroes against the monsters that are present in the dungeons. The fantasy strategy of the game is simply fascinating to captivate your attention for a long time.

Heroes and Buildings

Heroes are an integral part of this game. They are the most special type of units that are required for a successful game. In this game a hero can easily fight in the arena and they are placed on a hero base which is used in dungeons, raids, heroes’ trial etc.

There are different types of heroes called elite heroes, ordinary heroes, and legendary heroes having different purposes in the game. Buildings are also an integral part of the game where each type of building serves different types of purpose.

The main town hall must be upgraded so that you can play the game much more conveniently. Other buildings like troop buildings and defensive buildings are used to provide troops as per requirement and provide defenses to the troops in the game when required.

Battles and Troops

Battles and troops are the most exciting part of the Castle Clash game. There are different ways to fight in a battle which includes raids, dungeons, heroes’ trial, torch battle, hero expeditions and many others.

You will need to follow the instructions clearly so that you can successfully win the game. Rewards can be achieved when you purchase and upgrade buildings, heroes and troops and speed up your production. Use an online Castle Clash hack to receive unlimited resources, otherwiste you’ll have to pay for them.

Strategies to be a Succesful Player

Effective strategies can help you to win the Castle Clash game very easily. It can help you to be the best one if you follow the tips efficiently. Some of the strategies include doing your daily tasks for the free gems that are daily available, fight in the arena whenever you are fighting against any of your opponent and you can easily fortify your defenses by putting them in the garrison. Some other valuable strategies that may help you to be successful in this game are as follows:

Wisely Decide Which Troop to Use

You must wisely decide to choose the best troop that can serve your purpose. It is really important to choose the best pair of troops that can help you to upgrade yourself to the next game level and also collect the best resources. You must have proper knowledge of what pair to choose so that you can devise the best strategy in the game.

Using and Training the Heroes

It is very important to train your heroes effectively in the battle. The performance of the heroes depends a lot on how they are trained and how are their skills used. You can train them up to level 20 before you upgrade to level 40. This is the fundamental tactic that you need to follow to play the game successfully.

Castle Clash is the best game for those gamers who are seeking for some fun and excitement at every stage of the game. The simple user interface, the easy instructions and the land of mythical characters are simply great to make this game a highly popular one among the crowd of online games.

Boom Beach

What is Boom Beach Exactly?

Boom BeachReleased on November 2014, Boom Beach is a mobile video game created by Supercell for iOS and Android; the video game is strategic in nature and involves engaging in battle against an evil known as the black guard.

Players are equipped with an expeditionary force with which they traverse the lands of the game, storming the beaches of the various paradise islands upon which the enemy has dug its roots, freeing the native population from the slavery of their masters and exploring the surrounding uncharted territory.

With the popularity of Apps today, finding strategy based freemium games isn’t particularly difficult; Boom Beach hack however sets itself apart in the thrill it seeks to invoke with the castaway experience it aims to present.

Players are given the power to create offensive and defensive strategies with which they will seek to overcome enemy players; even with the tedium created by the slowness of having to meet the necessary resource requirements, boom beach is constantly switching the focus of its players, maintaining an exciting level of depth even while creating that essence of loneliness on the islands.

Boom Beach Gameplay

The game places each payer on an archipelago where they are empowered to create defenses, craft bases, construct buildings and build up the fighting power of their armies. Boom beach pits players against an enemy known as The Blackguard, with players either fighting against the computer or one another.

There is also a cooperative element within the game, allowing players to create task forces, pool their resources, divide the challenge and attack other bases.

Supercell more or less repeats the successful formula launched with its other hit, Clash of Clans. Boom Beach is decent and polished in its design. The game play is pretty simple and easy to master, with clear tutorials providing insight into how you may go about building and upgrading your bases and how you can then proceed to launch attacks against other forts and players.

The sets of rules, while initially simple, continue to build in complexity over time, further emphasizing the strategic elements of the game; frustration has been known to arise as a result of the lack of control the game provides over the troops during combat. None the less this sort of automated battle can still deliver the sort excitement and agony one expects from epic victories or losses.

Beyond the resources being deployed on the island during battle, players also have access to support ships in the water that can either play much needed offensive or defensive roles. Whether you are shooting missiles or flares, the ships make for an exciting addition in this already intense game.

The strategic elements are complimented by the real time attack simulation, making for an intensely engaging experience. The fact that the game continues, and battles continue to rage whether or not you are signed in adds a tantalizing spark to the entire game.

If Boom Beach has major flaws, it is in the lack of social and communicative elements, specifically the inability to interact with players or any other human elements in the game. The game none the less manages to hold its own against rival mobile strategic video games of the same vein.